12 million drivers are considering EV purchase, new survey

12 million drivers are considering purchasing an electric vehicle (EV) within the next two years, according to research conducted by comparison service Uswitch. 

EVs are becoming an increasingly popular choice, with electric vehicles purchases overtaking petrol and diesel vehicles for the first time in April 2020

On a survey of over 2,000 adults, 30.7% said they are considering purchasing an EV in the next two years.

There are an estimated 39.8 million drivers in the UK if 30.7% of those purchased an EV this would be 12.2million vehicles. 

Uswitch has highlighted that this could save motorists over £8bn in fuel costs. 

Although switching to an EV and charging it at home increases energy bills, it works out significantly cheaper than using petrol and diesel, charging an electric vehicle costs an estimated £30.90 a month. 

Sarah Broomfield, an energy expert at, said: ‘Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and 12 million drivers could soon be swapping their petrol or diesel car for a more environmentally friendly one.

‘The good news for these drivers is that EVs come with an additional financial benefit too – they cost far less to fuel than a petrol or diesel car.

‘However, charging costs can vary depending on your energy tariff. If you are still on your supplier’s Standard Variable Tariff, charging your car could cost an additional £7.69 a month unless you switch to a more competitive fixed-term deal.’

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In related news, James Carroll, research fellow in Energy Economics at Trinity College Dublin explores the patterns and trends of car sales during the pandemic and what the increasing market for electric vehicles (EVs) means as we move forward.

Photo Credit – Pixabay 




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