Acer enters E-bike market with ebii, an AI-assisted bike designed for urban living

Acer, the Taiwanese company, best known for their PCs and  laptops, are entering the e-bike market with ebii, a product as technologically advanced as you might expect.

The basic facts are that the bike weighs 16kg, has a 110km range, can reach top assisted riding speeds of 25km/h  and will recharge to full in 2.5 hours, but it is the AI system that will grab the headlines.

The technology will automatically adapt to route conditions, pedaling power and rider preferences. Companion apps can also be connected to the bike to supply the rider with various data or switch to power-saving mode which adjusts battery usage based on destination distance to ensure users get where they need to go.

Jerry Kao, Co-COO of Acer Inc. said: ‘The Acer ebii delivers on our commitment to sustainability via technology and creative design, further driven by the desire to enhance user’s mobility and experiences. As urban commuters search for convenient, safe, and greener options, the ebii’s AI assistance and innovative safety features empower them to go further, faster.’

‘Acer’s debut into the e-bike market brings together work from Acer’s subsidiaries, like MPS Energy’s power system and Xplova’s cycling computing. The cornerstone of the ebii’s design is the intelligent vehicle control box, which powers and directs the bike’s myriad of functions from one center of operations.’

The ebii also boasts a raft of safety features such as lights which turn on automatically in the dark and a Rear Collision Warning radar sensor mounted under the seat to alert the rider of motorists or objects approaching from behind.

The battery has been designed to be quickly swapped out or even removed to power other devices. 

Maintenance is kept to a minimum thanks to a carbon belt-drive that requires no upkeep and airless tyres which are made from multilayer foam inserts and closed-loop recyclable materials.


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