Aligning energy and EV policies could save the taxpayer £6.5bn

Aligning energy and electric vehicle (EV) policies could save the taxpayer billions, according to a new report.

It’s been published by the Electric Vehicle (EV) Energy Taskforce which was established in 2018 to make proposals to government and industry that bring together the vehicle and energy sectors.

This week they’ve submitted a formal report to the government which sets out a range of ideas that it claims could save up to £6.5bn in infrastructure spending. 

Proposals include providing financial incentives to EV drivers to charge off-peak, prioritising greater standardisation across the charging network, extending the principle of ‘open data’ in the energy system to include EV charge points and allowing for more effective smart charging of EVs.

Coordinating the introduction of a smart charging infrastructure would also enable network operators to balance demand and supply through an electricity grid, the report says.

It adds that EV drivers willing to charge their vehicles during periods of low electricity demand or when surplus renewable energy is being generated will benefit from lower fuel costs in the transition ahead.

Finally, the report recommends the government establishes an independent body to promote the benefits of smart charging through a major publicity campaign to ensure EV drivers are confident and well informed.

Minister for the Future of Transport George Freeman said: ‘We are 100% committed to decarbonising the UK’s road network. Our £1.5bn Road to Zero strategy is supporting a thriving electric vehicle market; last year in the UK a battery electric vehicle was sold every 15 minutes.

‘Government commissioned the Taskforce to advise how we can best work with industry to make sure the energy system is ready for the transition to electric vehicles. This report provides important evidence to shape the next stage of our Road to Zero roadmap.’

Read more about the report here.


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