EU to cut truck emissions by 30% by 2030

EU-based truck and lorry manufacturers will have to cut CO2 emissions for new vehicles by 15% by 2025 and 30% by 2030.

The legislation, which was approved by the EU Parliament on Thursday (April 18), will also force manufacturers to ensure 2% of all new vehicles sold are zero or low-emission by 2025.

According to EU data, trucks and lorries are accountable for 27 % of road transport CO2 emissions and almost 5 % of EU greenhouse gas emissions. Since 1990, truck and lorry vehicle emissions have increased by 25 %, mainly because of an increase in road freight traffic.

In 2022 the European Commission will propose new post-2030 targets in line with the Paris Agreement.

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CEO of CNG Fuels Philip Fjeld welcomed the new legislation.

‘We believe renewable and sustainably sourced biomethane compressed natural gas (CNG) as a road fuel will play the predominant role in meeting the targets for cutting emissions from HGVs,’ he said.

‘The technology is ready for mass-adoption now, it is significantly cheaper than diesel and typically cuts GHG emissions by up to 85%.’

The legislation will apply to the UK after leaving the European Union, as the government has already said it will match any EU emissions standards post-Brexit.

In the UK, a new report by the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) said the government should ban the sale of new diesel HGV lorries before 2040 and encourage the freight industry to move towards clean alternatives such as hydrogen or electric.

The report says clean technology for HGVs is ‘well advanced’ and ministers should set out within the next two years how they plan to support the transition.

However, the Road Haulage Association said recommendations for reducing road freight emissions are ‘not credible given there are no viable alternatives on the market.’


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