EU to sell 100% emission-free cars by 2035

An EU plan to sell 100% emission-free cars in 2035 will democratise electric vehicles (EVs) in Europe, according to the campaign group Transport & Environment (T&E).

In the new Fit for 55 Strategy, the European Commission has proposed that carmakers must reduce emissions of new cars by 55% by 2030, rising to 100% by 2035. 

There will also be new targets for both electric cars and e-truck charging points from 2025.

Under the plan, EU countries will have to ensure there is sufficient charging capacity for the number of electric cars on the road so that drivers can be confident they can charge wherever they live and work, and even when they holiday across borders.

T&E has said that interim CO2 targets will be needed from 2025 to ensure that carmakers ramp up the production of EVs.

black car in a parking lot

The EU has also said that they will end the tax exemption for polluting jet fuel, replacing it over time with other green alternatives. 

The EU will require 0.7% of jet fuels to be green hydrogen-based e-fuels, which are near zero-carbon, by 2030, increasing to 5% in 2035. Also, airlines will have to start paying tax on their fossil fuels just as motorists do at the fuel pump.

William Todts, executive director of T&E said: ‘It’s time to finally end aviation’s tax holiday. But it’s not good enough to just tax kerosene. We need to make aviation clean and the best way is with an ambitious e-fuel mandate to start the transition to green flying.’

Shipping will also be required to cut its emissions through the EU emissions trading system.

William Todts added: ‘For too long shipping has been a climate anomaly.

‘The EU will start making shipping polluters pay, but by pushing them to use gas and biofuels, the cure will be worse than the disease. We need a green maritime fuel law that promotes genuinely green e-fuels like ammonia instead.’

The Commission is also creating a carbon market for road and heating fuels, starting from 2026.

This is expected to increase road fuel costs by around 5 cents a litre, but under the plan half of the revenues would be given back to lower-income households.


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peter scott
peter scott
2 years ago

Thanks for sharing the great tips! Mr. Peterscott and I bought a new car at the request/suggestion of his dad.
We paid it off 6 months later. But we have agreed to look at Used Car Engine first next time. 
Sometimes I just wonder how much we could have saved on the vehicle if we had bought it used.
Oh well, I guess we learn and grow every day.

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