New app will make choosing public transport easier

A new app that integrates multiple stages of the travel process will encourage users to use public and shared transport over their car. 

The app, which involved public administrators, universities, transport operators and research and industrial bodies provides the public will easy access to different modes of transport based on their needs.

The operator acts as an intermediary between multiple transport operators and users.

Customers can buy a bundle of services, including multiple forms of transport and can make informed decisions about which one to use for each of their trips, all on a single app.

The operator also providers users with a real-time supply and demand optimiser for each trip by knowing the network conditions and preferences of users.

person holding silver iPhone 6

Despite the covid-19 pandemic and resulting travel bans, a prototype app has been tested in Manchester, Luxembourg and Budapest and has received positive results with customers positive about using the service in the future.

Dr Panos Georgakis from the University of Wolverhampton School of Architecture and the Built Environment has been working on the app, he said: ‘The continuing growth of urbanisation is posing a real threat to the operation of transportation services in large metropolitan areas around the world and encouraging a greater uptake of public transport could be a solution.

‘However, we know that citizens will not give up private vehicles as their preferred mode of transportation unless they are offered a service that provides an equal sense of convenience, reliability and flexibility.’

In related news, Helen Fry, senior associate at BDB Pitmans explains that in order to shift attitudes and behaviours to the extent that the decarbonisation agenda requires, the ‘stick’ of taxation would be far from enough, passengers need the ‘carrot’ of improved public transport options.

Photo credit –  Fikri Rasyid


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3 years ago

What will the app be called?

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