Number of public charge points per EV are decline

The number of electric vehicle (EV) charge points per EV has fallen to its lowest level since 2018, according to research conducted by Cornwall Insight. 

According to Cornwall Insight, the primary reason for this decline is the impact that Covid-19 restrictions have had on the number of charge point installations seen over the past year. 

 At the same time, 2020 has seen EV registrations reach a record high, up by 169% compared to 2019. 


Katie Hickford, an analyst at Cornwall Insight, said: ‘Despite the valid reasons for the slow-down in the number of charge point installations, the lack of charging infrastructure at the very time EV sales are starting to gather pace could potentially make it difficult to galvanise public opinion that the switch to EVs will be an easy transition.

‘Although the majority of EV charging will happen at home, there are definite gaps in public charging provision. It is not simply about the number of chargers; they also need to be the right type, i.e. rapid or a slower speed and in the right locations.

‘It is an exciting time for EVs, and the demand for public charge points is only going to grow, particularly as the government has brought forward the ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles to 2030. It is vital that charging infrastructure across the country keeps pace with the demand to ensure the UK’s net-zero ambitions are realised.’

Photo Credit – Pixabay 


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Jacopo GIOLA
Jacopo GIOLA
3 years ago

nope => “the past few years has seen a dramatic increase in the number of public EV charge points in the UK”

3 years ago

Why is the headline used here so misleading? Charge points in the UK in 2020 have increased from approx 10,000 to approx 36,000?! Why run with a headline like that when it is actually charge points per EV??

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