Personalised plans could reduce the cost of electric vehicle charging at home

Individuals can create their own personalised charging plans based on household energy consumption in order to reduce the impact of EV vehicles on their energy bills. 

Moixa, the developer of software for domestic batteries and electric vehicle charging, and Alfen, a specialist company in energy solutions have launched the new partnership to evaluate the impact of smart charging on EV owners energy bills.

The two companies will use GridShare, Moixa’s artificial intelligence software to enable EV drivers to deliver flexibility to the UK energy system while reducing the cost of their energy bills.

Individuals will be able to create personalised charging plans based on household energy consumption patterns, locally produced solar energy and optimisation for time-of-use tariffs.

The initial stage of the project will see a number of homes receive the 7.4kW Alfen Eve Single Pro-Line chargers integrated with Moixa’s Gridshare software.

This charging technology usually costs thousands of pounds, but as part of the partnership, participants will receive the technology free of charge.

Simon Daniel CEO of Moixa said: ‘Adding Moixa’s intelligent home energy management to Alfen’s smart charges is providing customers with a real cost incentive, enabling them to leapfrog the competition.

‘Smart charging will be essential for supporting the acceleration of EVs onto the UK market.

‘Up to a fifth of new cars will be EVs by 2026 and up to 36 million ‘batteries on wheels’ are forecast to be on the UK roads by 2040.

‘Smart charging solutions like our collaboration with Alfen will help drive this rapid growth and ensure our power networks don’t become overloaded.’

Alex Earl, Alfen’s UK country manager said: ‘This solution fits perfectly with our overall mission to provide smart energy solutions and enable EV drivers to be even more sustainable by charging at the cleanest and most cost-effective times.

‘This technology could have huge implications if applied to all our customers — it will drive individual cost savings and ultimately turbocharge the growth of EVs.’

Photo Credit — Pixabay


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Crystal Han
Crystal Han
4 years ago

Nice blog! Good to know about such personalised plans that will beneficial for customers. New electric car owners look for such great EV Fast Chargingplans near them and your blog will definitely help them.

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