#BikeIsBetter campaign to encourage cycling across the UK

A national campaign will introduce billboards across 9 UK cities to encourage cycling as lockdown is eased. 

For the campaign, digital billboards placed on roads in cities from Southhampton to Edinburgh will outline the dramatic rise in cycling and will implore more people to take journeys by bikes and urge local councils to facilitate safe everyday riding. 

The #BikeIsBest campaign is a collaborative effort from over 50 of the UK’s leading cycling brands and organisations and it has used data from GPS tracking app Strava to show how people have changed their cycling habits during lockdown. 

For example, the Strava data has shown that in Liverpool, cycling trips have increased by 161% from May 2019 – May 2020 and Manchesters cycling trips are up 127%. 

Campaign organiser Adam Tranter said: ‘Cities all over the United Kingdom are seeing data that shows a dramatic increase in cycling from when lockdown started. We have a unique opportunity to meet demand and change travel habits now.

‘Our latest campaign creative is designed to show cycling as a normal, everyday activity and showing that many others are already doing it. By using the latest Strava Metro data, we’re showing the time for change is now.

‘We know that many people want to cycle and for this, we need both rapid and continued action in creating the infrastructure for cycling. Cities are ripe for temporary and permanent infrastructure that can entice residents to hop out of their cars or make much-needed space on public transport.

‘In the UK, two thirds (68%) of all journeys are under 5 miles, a distance that can be easily cycled by most people.

‘I’ve been disappointed to see some local authorities not acting as quickly as is needed, and some reversing their measures after complaints from motorists. Adjusting the status quo will be hard but we have to provide people with an alternative; when traffic snarls up again, it’s our over-reliance on cars for short trips that is causing this, not road space reallocation which is providing a viable alternative to cycle and make changes.’ 

Photo Credit – Pixabay 


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