Imperial College offer Introduction to Air Quality Course for community leaders

A two day course aimed at people interested in air quality is being held at Imperial College over two days in September.

Funded by Impact on Urban Health, the course is designed to be of use to people without any particular scientific background, providing community leaders with information about air quality to empower people to take action on air pollution.

The course – which had places available on Friday – has become fully subscribed over the weekend. Those who have missed out are invited to register their interest in case a place becomes available. 

This course will focus on the health effects of air pollution in urban areas. Starting from the basics, it will explore the research and examine the evidence of whom it affects and how some people are more susceptible to its harmful effects than others.

Participants will also gain a detailed understanding of the main sources of air pollution and what is being done to tackle them. 

The course will also cover the different methods  by which air quality can be measured and the way it is regulated in the UK

The sessions will be based around a series of presentations, followed by questions. The content will be delivered by senior academic experts from the Environmental Research Group, in a way that everyone can understand.

The course will be led by Dr Diana Varaden, a Lecturer in Environmental Social Science and Health in the Environmental Research Group.

The course schedule has been set up as so:

Day 1 – 5th September 2023

  • What is air pollution? What are the sources? and how we measure air pollution?
  • Evaluating the health impacts of indoor and outdoor pollutants on vulnerable populations within the urban environment
  • How are we exposed to air pollution in our daily lives?
  • Air pollution and construction sites

Day 2 – 12th September 2023

  • Breathe London Wearables Study and Indoor Air Quality
  • London Air Quality Network and Breathe London Network
  • Air pollution Action and Policy
  • Air pollution and climate change: two sides of the same coin

All participants will be awarded an Imperial College London Certificate of Attendance on completion of the course.

The Environmental Research Group (ERG), part of the School of Public Health, is a leading provider of air and water quality information and research in the UK. The ERG combines air and water pollution science, toxicology and epidemiology to determine the impacts of air pollution on people’s health.

They work closely with those responsible for air and water quality management to support policies and actions to minimise air pollution health effects.



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9 months ago

This is good – oiught to be obligatory! And for head teachers, please.

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