74% of North Americans suffering from ‘air quality anxiety’

New research shows what employees breathe in at work is now a major concern, with 74% of North Americans feeling anxious about air quality in indoor spaces. 

The results of a survey in the U.S. and Canada has identified a shift in priorities among workers, with mental and physical health, work-life balance, hygiene, cleanliness, and access to green space at the forefront of people’s minds. 

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Overall, 74% of respondents felt anxious when entering indoor spaces with a perceived air quality problem, 70% believed their workspace needed air quality improvement, and 69% saw lack of investment in health and safety as an issue. Meanwhile, 39% considered air quality at their place of work as average, poor, or bad. 

‘As we continue to struggle with the consequences of Covid-19, as employees gradually return to workplaces and general public spaces, it is clear the priorities have shifted with health, safety and wellbeing at the forefront of concerns,’ said Matt Hyas, Director of Product and Innovation at smart workspace specialist Ambius, who commissioned the study. 

‘Based on our research, the data shows that people everywhere are keen for investment in smarter, heathier spaces in all walks of life,’ he continued. ‘They want better air quality, green space provision, and overall support when it comes to mental and physical health. All of these areas will be essential for current and future employees.’ 

In related news, Air Quality News recently published an investigation into how the most vulnerable in society suffer as a result of poor indoor air quality. 

Image credit: Arlington Research


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