Airly offers a comprehensive SaaS solution for air quality monitoring and control. Made possible by a proprietary low-cost distributed sensor network delivering hyper-local real-time air quality data. Airly provides enterprises, governments and communities with decision-ready data on air quality. Enabling organisations to monitor air quality, analyse trends and sources, develop targeted initiatives to combat pollution, and track improvements. Our easy-to-install, compact, and versatile sensor is ready for urban application and challenging environments. Robust to a wide range of operating temperatures and weather conditions, we already operate in six continents. The flexible sensor, designed and manufactured by us to ensure that production quality meets the requirements of each customer based on their specific needs and location. With no specialist equipment or skills necessary for installation, our sensors are scalable and will enable you to easily build out a large network across events and cities. Supporting organisations in their journey to eliminate pollution, improve air quality, and protect public health, Airly is the first step towards pollution free cities and communities.


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