Alphasense unveils OPC-N3 particle counter

Sensor technology firm Alphasense has launched a new version of its optical particle counter.

The OPC-N3 retains many of the features of its predecessor — the OPC-N2 — as well as incorporating automatic range switching covering PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.

The Alphasense OPC-N3 sensor

According to Alphasense, due to an expanded measuring range (0.38 to 40 µm), the OPC-N3 is able to measure the particulate fractions of most interest; from the finest of particles up to larger particles such as pollen.

Commenting on the new instrument, Alphasense director Arthur Burnley, said: “This is an extremely important development for manufacturers of air quality monitoring instrumentation.

“A few years ago, the public was generally unaware of the threat posed by air pollution. However, the many thousands of premature deaths that occur every year in almost every country, have finally caused a high level of media coverage and political interest, and this has led to demands for air quality improvement measures, which in turn have created a need for accurate particulate sensors.

“This bodes well for our customers as the demand rises for small, accurate, reliable, cost-effective particulate sensors.”

The OPC-N3 provides both particulate matter readings and real-time particle size histograms. As such, the sensor competes in performance with existing analytical units, but at a fraction of the cost, Alphasense claims.

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