Autogas LPG: Driving environmental performance

VIEWPOINT: Autogas Ltd makes the case for increased take-up of its liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fuel as a way of reducing vehicle emissions.

The environmental and financial benefits of driving on autogas LPG are well proven and extensively recognised.

Autogas LPG fuel nozzle

With the cleaner, cheaper fuel having been made widely available in the UK since 2000, there are currently around 135,000 drivers that are benefiting from savings of around 40% on their fuel bills compared to petrol and diesel. What’s more, these drivers are impacting far less on the environment too, emitting 80% less NOx and 99% particulate matter (PM) than diesel.

But not only is it cheaper and cleaner than petrol and diesel, it’s also an incredibly convenient fuel for users too. Today, Autogas LPG drivers have access to an established refuelling infrastructure and can refuel at more than 1,400 forecourt sites around the UK. Autogas Limited manages its own network of 225 refuelling sites, conveniently located at modern, clean, high-profile Shell filling stations.


And if the 40% savings on the cost of running on LPG weren’t enough to tempt you, then the double reward points on offer to LPG users refuelling at Shell sites makes the financial rewards even more attractive.

Of course, in today’s smart-phone enabled world, Shell and Autogas have made it incredibly easy and convenient for drivers to find their closest LPG outlet. The Shell smart-phone App, available on both iOS and Android, allows users to plan their next pit stop with their handy station locator.

So, if you ever questioned how easy it is to live with Autogas LPG, the answer really is on your doorstep.

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