Black cabs fitted with air filtration technology

Ten electric cabs will be fitted with technology to reduce indoor air pollution for drivers and passengers.

Previous studies have found pollution levels are nearly double inside a car compared to outside, and the innovative air cleaners, which contain unique patented nano carbon filtration technology, works to remove up to 97% of particulate matter (PM2.5) and up to 95% of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) from the air inside the cab within ten minutes.

The technology has been created as part of a new partnership between Barclays Bank and Airlabs and the ‘Barclays Air cabs’ will be available for hire on London’s roads for twelve weeks this summer.

After minutes of using the air cleaning device, the air inside the cab dropped to as low as 5.7 µg/m3 NO 2 – as clean as the air in the Peak District National Park, which averages 7 µg/m3 NO 2.

Michael Albert, Cab driver said: ‘My cab is essentially my office — and knowing that I could be spending my working day in dangerous levels of pollution is really concerning, not just for me but also for my passengers.

‘When the weather gets warmer over the summer and more people visit London, pollution can become a real issue and I’m really pleased that these filters can bring a breath of fresh air to the centre of our great city.’

In related news, Transport for London announced earlier this week that all 1,250 payments of £10,000 for taxi drivers to purchase zero-emission vehicles have been awarded.

Payments to encourage the uptake of zero-emission capable cabs will continue on a sliding scale and are made on a first come, first served basis, with payments at the £8,000 threshold still available.


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