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With technical news on: Volkswagen and Electrocity EV partnership; autogas LPG fuel; E-CO and Royal Navy, and; Air Quality Monitors technology

Volkswagen and Ecotricity team up on electric vehicles

Volkswagen Group (UK) is to provide green electricity to customers purchasing from its Volkswagen and Audi brands, as part of a crossover partnership with Ecotricity.

Vehicle rental trade association the BVRLA has criticised the government for its plug-in vehicle strategy

Volkswagen and Electrocity have teamed up to provide green electricity for electric cars

The deal follows Volkswagen Group’s chairman Dr Martin Winterkon’s announcement that the company aims to be a market leader in electric vehicles by 2018.

Volkswagen Group’s head of environmental management, Andrew Bannister, said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer those customers who are making a choice to purchase an electric-powered car the option to adopt a green energy package, meaning their motoring can be powered by 100% renewable energy.

“Ecotricity shares our ambitions for high levels of customer service as well as environmental credentials and we’re confident those choosing an electric Group product will appreciate the benefits this new tariff offers them.”

The first Volkswagen Group electric car to go on sale in the UK will be the Volkswagen e-up! city car, with orders being taken in November and the first deliveries to be ready in January 2014.

Autogas LPG cars produce lower carbon than petrol

Vehicle testing information has reaffirmed vehicles running on autogas LPG produce lower carbon emissions than petrol cars.

Autogas LPG fuel nozzle

Autogas LPG fuel nozzle

Evidence supplied by car manufacturers to the German government found autogas includes 11% lower CO2 tailpipe emissions compared to the equivalent petrol model.

The evidence, taken from an extensive database of vehicle testing information supplied by car manufacturers to the German government, was presented by environment expert Dr Eric Johnson of Atlantic Consulting, as part of the World LP Gas Forum in London, which was held this month in the UK for the first time.

Dr Johnson said: “This evidence from Germany is conclusive proof that autogas LPG really does emit 11 per cent less CO2 than petrol from the tailpipe, and about 15 per cent less over its entire lifetime, from ‘well to wheel’, so has less environmental impact.”

Ventilation firm works with Royal Navy

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning solution provider E-CO is to work with BAE systems to improve the operating capacity of air treatment units on British Royal Navy warships.

Commissioned by BAE Systems to improve HVAC systems on 14 Type 23 Navy frigates, the E-CO UK deal will help save an estimated £8 million in maintenance costs over the lifetime of each vessel.

E-CO UK, which has received a BAE chairman bronze award for its achievements so far, has helped prevent biofilm contamination on the heat exchange plates was restricting airflow and also helped reducing thermal efficiency.

Hillary Spicer, Founder and Director of E-CO, said: “We are very proud to be working with BAE Systems and receiving this award was welcome recognition of the work we’ve done.

“I believe this product should be in every air conditioning unit in every building in the UK. I’m delighted that BAE have recognised the huge benefits and I’m looking forward to taking this simple innovation further.”

Air Quality Monitors completes Monitor Labs support package

Air Quality Monitors (AQM) has completed an intensive course with Ecotech to ensure it is up to speed providing UK-based support to its clients.

The course tested distributor knowledge of Serinus instruments and the Monitor Labs technology from which the instruments stem.

Stemming from ML 9800 technology, Ecotech’s Serinus range are EN approved instruments which measure criteria pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, sulphur dioxide, ozone and carbon dioxide, and offer a variety of data logging options to cater to the clients’ requirements.

AQM provide both the Serinus instruments as well as the parts which will allow ML instruments to keep running at a fraction of the cost of a new monitor.

Sales director Adam Gray said: “At AQM we strive to ensure we are always able to provide rapid and effective support to our clients. The information and practice we have gained on this course has been invaluable in allowing us to consolidate, test and deepen our knowledge of every aspect of Ecotech’s technology.”


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