UK entrepreneur tackling US diesel emissions launches crowdfunder

A British entrepreneur claims he has the solution for the 16 million metric tonnes of nitrous oxide produced by the US transportation sector annually and has already achieved more than £334,000 of the targeted £500,000 for his company’s latest crowdfunding campaign.

Addvantage’s technology involves injecting a precise amount of LPG (propane) into a truck’s intake air to create a mix of air and LPG which enhances combustion.

They say this improves efficiency of the burn and results in an increase in fuel-efficiency.

They also use telemetry data from the truck’s own electronic controls to calculate the exact amount of LPG to inject for each revolution, to further improve efficiency.

Daniel Mitchell founded Addvantage USA Ltd in July 2017 after developing the technology in Europe for over a decade. He says the company can reduce diesel consumption of vehicles by up to 17.6% and reduce N2O emissions by up to 83%.

He believes that a company with a fleet of 500 trucks driving 100,000 miles per annum per truck at an average of 6.5mpg could see a net saving of around $1.6m per annum. According to Addvantage, there are approximately 4 million Class 8 trailer vehicles operating in the US at the moment.

Daniel Mitchell says: ‘Already selling successfully in the UK, we are now launching in the US.

‘The fact that the US economy is so dependent on heavy-duty trucks to move products across the country and that only diesel trucks have the power and range to be viable in this critical space, means that not only is addvantage technology perfect for addressing the issue of toxic diesel emissions but, in so doing, we believe it represents an attractive investment opportunity.’

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