1 in 4 motorists considering EV purchase after lockdown

25% of motorists are considering purchasing an alternatively fuelled vehicle (AFV) after seeing the dramatic decline in air pollution during lockdown.

Car buying platform conducted a survey on over 1,000 motorists from across the UK on their fuel purchasing habits during the lockdown.

More than two-fifths of motorists have spent less than £10 on fuel in the past month, and almost a third have spent nothing at all. 

In comparison, before lockdown, 30% of those surveyed revealed petrol was costing them more than £30 a month and 7% were spending over £100. 

According to the survey those living in Brighton, Plymouth, Nottingham and Southhampton are the most likely to have spent nothing on petrol in the past month. 

25% of motorists agreed that a reduction in air pollution and CO2 emission during lockdown has led them to consider purchasing an AFV. 15% stated that they were already considering purchasing an AFV before lockdown began. 

London motorists are the most likely to consider switching to an AFV, with 34% stating it’s something they’re thinking about, this is followed by 33% in Sheffield and 30% in Liverpool. 

Vix Leyton, consumer expert at said: ‘After more than two months in lockdown, the idea of a regular petrol station ‘top-up’ no doubt seems like a distant memory to the millions of British motorists who’ve not needed fuel – or perhaps even driven-  for weeks.

‘It is certainly a rare bit of positive news that so many motorists are taking notice of how lockdown is affecting the Co2 emissions polluting the towns and cities of Britain, and will actively look to adopt a more environmentally friendly method of driving once a semblance of normality is resumed.

‘With an abundance of affordable and reliable hybrid and electric models offered by manufacturers, we think there is every chance there will be an uplift of interest in AFVs when drivers can get back on the road.’

Photo Credit – Pixabay 



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4 years ago

I have new Vauxhall Corsa E , Elite Nav specification but falls way short of its advertised electric range of 206 miles. Even after having Full charge it only shows maximum of 138 miles of range ! That’s even before I set off and put on my heater or lights or radio , not impressed.

steve jay
steve jay
4 years ago

It would be interesting to see what percentage of drivers in rural areas are considering electric vehicles. If this survey was concentrated on city areas it could be very misleading. The infrastructure needs to be vastly improved before before confidence in the system increases.

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