By Miles calling on members to use their cars less

With Car Free Day due to take place on September 20, By Miles is calling on its members to pledge to make long-term changes to the way they travel.

The pay-by-miles insurance provider is asking its members to join a pledge to replace one short car journey a week with an alternative, eco-friendly mode of transport.

According to By Miles, almost 30 million drivers plan to cut their annual mileage, but over 90% admitted that this would be hard for them to do. 

According to Transport for London (TfL), before lockdown, there were over 4 million daily car journeys, and 67% of these journeys were less than 5km long. 

Shorter journeys such as these can be the most polluting because car emissions systems typically take up to five minutes to warm up and activate and this is when the vehicles are at their most polluting.

Based on this research, By Miles is calling on the public to replace these shorter journeys with walking, running or cycling. 

James Blackham, CEO By Miles, Comments: ‘With air pollution and emissions falling during the lockdown, drivers have been able to see the difference that can be made by making small changes to our everyday habits.

‘While we know it’s not a possibility for everyone, we’re suggesting that drivers who can join our pledge, to cut out a car journey one day a week and instead look to walk, cycle or use public transport for a more eco-friendly option, do so.

‘We know that drivers are looking to reduce their emissions so let’s use Car Free Day 2020 as inspiration to change for the better.

‘Whether it’s the school run, a trip to your local shop, or driving to see local friends or family, we hope you’ll join us in pledging to give up just one trip a week in the car for the sake of the environment.

‘We believe that positive behaviour change should be rewarded through flexible insurance and car tax pricing. If you drive less, you should definitely pay less.”

Photo Credit – Pixabay


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