Campaign urges fleet operators to turn off their engines

A new anti-idling campaign is urging fleet operators to turn off their engines while parked. 

Idling Action’s ‘Engine’s Off’ campaign, which is funded by the Mayor of London’s Air Quality Fund and is jointly led by Camden Council and the City of London Corporation, is making fresh calls for fleet operators and businesses to prevent pollution from idling vehicles. 

Idling Action is working with organisations, encouraging them to pledge a meaningful commitment to reduce air pollution by ending idling.

By using free online education resources, Idling Actions aims to engage with drivers and employees by encouraging them to publicise their commitment and to demonstrate best practices to others. 

One of the first businesses to take the Engines Off pledge was Marston Holdings.

According to Nick Ruxton-Boyle, the company’s director of environment: ‘As part of our pledge, we have implemented an engine idling policy and educated colleagues on the importance of avoiding idling whilst commuting or operating vehicles on the company’s behalf.

‘We are also supplying an increasing number of local authorities with both fully electric and low emission vehicles enabling them to demonstrate that they are serious about tackling air pollution and climate change.’

Mike Robinson, chief executive at the British Safety Council, added: ‘Air pollution is the UK’s largest environmental health risk, greater than smoking and obesity, causing 40,000 deaths a year and costing the UK economy a staggering £20bn annually.

‘Indeed, the links between air pollution and illness are increasing. We need concrete action to reduce air pollution and tackling engine idling is a vital part of that.

‘We urge organisations whose operations involve fleets, professional drivers, or employees who travel by car to work in London, to educate and encourage their drivers to act on idling. This will help save lives and protect outdoor workers from toxic air.’

Businesses can download resources from the website

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2 years ago

Very informative article. I tried to do as explained but failed so I went to my nearest Autoparts-miles center and they fixed it for me.

peter scott
peter scott
2 years ago

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Sally Boys
Sally Boys
2 years ago

This campaign should become national as air pollution is causing deaths, and so it is a human rights issue.

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