Denmark is the most expensive country to charge an EV

Denmark is the most expensive country to charge an electric vehicle (EV), according to new research by energy provider 

Uswitch used statistics from the World Energy Council and ZapMap to calculate the cost per charge based on an average annual mileage of 10,000 miles and an average charging time of 4 hours.

Based on this research Uswitch found that the annual cost to charge an EV in Denmark is £501, this is followed by Germany at £486 and Belgium at £412. 

The UK came in tenth with an annual cost of £324. 

The research also showed that the cheapest country to run an EV is Argentina, with an annual charging cost of just £9.26, this is followed by Iran at £18.52 and Trinidad and Tobago at £46.30.

Sarah Broomfield, energy expert at Uswitch said: ‘The use of electric vehicles has clear environmental benefits but for many consumers, the choice to move to EVs can be hindered by perceptions about how much it will cost to charge.’

‘This research shows that, while the costs are not insignificant, the UK is in a strong position compared to countries like Denmark where the price of electricity makes the cost of a charge so much higher.

‘Of course, as well as the cost savings of rapid charging points, we also encourage consumers to regularly review their own energy tariffs to ensure they’re getting the best deal possible.’

Photo Credit – Pixabay 




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