Just 11% of EV breakdowns are caused by batteries

Electric car breakdowns are three times more likely to be caused by wheel or tyre issues than running out of charge, according to research by LV Britannia Rescue.

Car owners are often put off making the switch to electric because of range anxiety and the concern of running out of charge. 

However, new research shows that just 11% of breakdowns are caused by the batteries being out of charge. 

Wheel or tyre issues are often attributed to the excess weight of the car, caused by the battery, which can make it up to 50% heavier than traditional petrol or diesel cars. 

Wheel issues are sometimes made more complicated by the fact that most manufacturers no longer fit a spare wheel as standard, so drivers caught mid-journey with a flat tyre or wheel issue can’t fix the problem themselves and need towing to a local garage. 

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Drivers being unable to start their electric car, often at home, accounts for 21% of calls – otherwise known as ‘dead on key’. There are a variety of reasons this could happen, such as a flat battery, a battery not holding its charge or the vehicle not being driven for a length of time, but it is more prevalent in the winter months with cars taking that bit longer to warm up.

The ‘dead on key’ issue for electric car drivers happens little more than half as often it does for petrol or diesel cars, which features as the breakdown reason in 41% of calls to LV= Britannia Rescue.

Henry Topham, Managing Director of LV= Britannia Rescue, said: ‘Range anxiety has been built up to be a thing for people to be concerned about when it comes to going green, but our data shows that in reality it’s a very rare issue for electric car drivers.

‘Generally electric cars perform very well and aren’t susceptible to suffering nearly as many issues as petrol or diesel models, but if you do have a problem it’s more likely to be wheel or tyre related, or dead on key. And as we get into the cold, dark winter months it’s good for drivers to be aware of these potential issues and make sure their car is regularly being checked and looked after.’

Photo by Viktor Bystrov


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