Lack of knowledge is putting Brits off EVs

A lack of knowledge is the reason why Brits are reluctant to purchase a hybrid vehicle, according to research conducted by Honda. 

Over half (52%) of Brits believe that their next car is likely to be a hybrid vehicle but despite this 68% say they do not know enough to buy one. 

The research also revealed that hybrid drivers consider themselves to be early adopters. A third (33%) of hybrid drivers said that they are likely to try new technology before their friends and family. 

This attitude also influences other items of personal tech, with 27% of hybrid drivers saying they are likely to upgrade their phones before others, compared to 15% of petrol and diesel drivers. 

Professor Ivo Vlaev, from Warwick business school, said: ‘While 68% of petrol and diesel drivers say that they do not feel they know enough to purchase a hybrid vehicle, this is unlikely to be because there is a lack of information.

‘Rather, it is because information can be overwhelming. We are all bombarded with much more information than we can possibly consciously pay attention to. When we have a natural desire to know everything before making a big decision — such as with a car purchase — this is difficult to achieve and so we ‘tune out’ and instead go with an easy, familiar decision.

‘The familiar decision, in this case, is another petrol or diesel car because we have purchased one of those before.

‘This research helps us understand why some people who are convinced of the benefits of a hybrid make the switch, whereas others do not. Some of us are generally more open to trying new things than are others or have a strong sense of identity as someone who is knowledgeable about cars and enjoys driving.

‘Those characteristics of being open to trying new things and cars being part of our sense of identity are associated with making the switch to a hybrid. Indeed, most current hybrid owners (61%) say that they find joy in driving.’

Photo Credit – Pixabay 






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