Nissan innovation aims to reduce EV cost to that of ICE vehicles by 2026

Nissan plan to cut production costs for their EVs and e-Power hybrids with a new modular process that promises a 30 per cent reduction in cost.

Their new approach to electrified powertrain development is called  X-in-1 in which the use of modular components will be shared between their EVs and e-Power hybrids. 

Both engines will use the same, modular motors, inverters and reducers, while the e-Power hybrids will also feature modular electric generators and increasers.

These new units will be smaller and lighter than previous versions, improving range, economy, driving performance while also minimising noise and vibration.

Another benefit is that the use of heavy rare earth elements has been reduced to 1% or less of magnet weight.

Senior Vice President Toshihiro Hirai, who leads powertrain & EV engineering development, said: ‘We make the most of our expertise and know-how from our more-than-a-decade long development and production of electrified technologies. Through our innovations in electrified powertrain development, we’ll continue to create new value for customers and deliver 100% motor-driven vehicles – EVs and e-POWER – as widely as possible.’

As part of Nissan Ambition 2030, the company announced its plan to launch 23 electrified vehicles, including 15 EVs, by 2030, representing a revision to their original plans: ‘In response to changes in customer needs and the business environment, we will increase the number of models to meet the growing needs of customers for exciting and diverse electrified vehicles. As a result, the electrification mix across the Nissan and INFINITI brands by 2030 is projected to increase to more than 55% globally, up from the previous forecast of 50%.’




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Auru k
Auru k
1 year ago

Electric vehicles are worse for environment in comparison to gasoline. Large consumption of power will effect environment more . We should think about that. For more visit us on Energy Environmental Solutions

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