Podcast: The challenges of planning for air quality, with Steve Chambers

The latest episode of the Air Quality News Podcast is now live.

In this episode, environmental consultant Stephen Cirell speaks to Steve Chambers, Director of Transport for New Homes, an organisation bringing transport and planning together to tackle car dependency.

Steve is a well-known sustainable transport campaigner, urban planning and sustainable transport consultant and lecturer, who has fought to reduce the cost of rail travel, have better bus services outside of London, and to get more people walking in more liveable cities.

Steve tells us about Transport for New Homes’ latest report, which examines 20 new housing developments across England to find out whether they are built around sustainable transport or the car.

They also discuss the challenges with implementing planning regulations to tackle air pollution at a local level, and whether local authorities are taking the issue of transport connectivity seriously enough.



This podcast is brought to you in association with Vortex IOT, who are now part of Marston Holdings. Together, they are offering end-to-end decarbonising solutions that reduce air pollution for their clients. For more information please visit


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2 years ago

It’s not all about cars and cities though is it? In the countryside we have to contend with dirty exhaust from buses, tractors, diggers,tankers, all polluting main road and narow village streets where the children live and go to school. Diesel generators on chicken farms pollute the air too and smoke from chimneys and farm fires can travel a long way, as well as making the air unhealthy for close neighbours. A lot about this is about acting more responsibly towards others, but those others will usually deny that they are making any pollution!

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