Reducing car dependency is essential, new report

Reducing car dependency is key to decarbonising transport, according to a new report published by the Transport Planning Society.

Transport is the UK’s largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, and unlike other sectors, emissions from road transport increased by 6% from 1990 to 2017.

On behalf of the Transport Planning Society, experts at the University of Hertfordshire’s Smart Mobility Unit reviewed travel trends and behaviours in light of current government policy, regional transport planning, spending, investment and transport taxes.

Having conducted the review, the authors outlined that transport policy needs to be more inclusive by removing our dependence on cars and giving people more choice.

The authors of the report suggest that governments should give transport planners, especially in local and sub-national authorities the tools, funding, data and freedom to improve the transport system for all users.

The report states that Transport for London should serve as a model for well-resourced local and regional authority that is combining spatial and transport planning and with their own revenue-raising powers.

Stephen Bennett, chair of the Transport Planning Society, said: ‘Transport planning is about improving people’s lives and creating better places by developing an efficient, integrated and healthy transport system.

‘Today’s new research by experts at the University of Hertfordshire makes clear that to create a sustainable system and healthier places for people, we need to release ourselves from car-dependency.

‘That means government seriously shifting resources to sustainable transport, ensuring this is integrated with the planning system and reducing the cost of using public transport.

‘We need to make sustainable modes of transport the easiest and safest choices, resulting in cleaner air, healthier lifestyles and potential savings. I hope my fellow planners and policy-makers will read the report with interest and reflect on what we can all do better.’

Photo Credit — Pixabay


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