Sharing EV charge points is essential to meet growing demand

At-home electric vehicle (EV) charge points must be shared if the UK is to meet the growing demand, according to a new report published by Dodona Analytics. 

Sharing EV charge points is key to meeting growing demand, says report

According to the report, if only 4% of motorists with an at-home charger shared it with their neighbours living in flats and terraced houses then a successful EV transition could be achieved. 

A growing number of companies are facilitating EV charging through apps. For example, Co Charger who connects the ‘host’ or owner of the charge point with a motorist who would like to ‘rent’ the charger. 

It is predicted that the UK will need 400,000 public chargers by 2030 in addition to home chargers in order to meet demand. 

However, the report has highlighted that installation is falling behind, with 7,469 new public charge points installed each year for the past three years. 

Dodona Analytics predict that the current rate of charger installation will leave a shortfall of over 250,000 chargers. 

Stefan Furlan, CEO of Dodona Analytics, said: ‘Our research shows there is a wide gap between the future demand for and the current availability of charge points.

‘In order to overcome the charger gap, our paper recommends the following. Firstly a data-driven approach to site selection and infrastructure deployment, secondly the sharing of home and workplace chargers and thirdly cross-industry collaboration.’

Joel Teague, CEO of Co Charger added: ‘The paper is a real breath of fresh air and thinking in a complex space that has perhaps been a little over-focused on existing EV drivers and new infrastructure.

‘The UK’s public charger building scheme is ambitious, well-organised and well-funded, but as this paper shows, further access to chargers is needed to help motorists in flats and terraces make the transition.

‘Charge point sharing is a quick, cheap, and self-scaling solution — as EV ownership rises, more home charge points will become available, which can then be shared with neighbours, enabling them to enjoy the benefits of owning an EV and a cleaner, greener neighbourhood’.

Photo Credit – Pixabay 



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