Simulation platform to help authorities map out future transport systems

A new simulation platform that can enable authorities to plan the future of our cities as we move towards more green and active travel has launched today (June 25) by tech scale-up Immense.

The new cloud-based simulation platform uses digital replicas of real cities and their respective populations to enable users to generate multiple scenarios and measure their impact in minutes. 

The platform has been co-created in partnership with fleet managers, transport authorities, infrastructure operators and energy providers. 

Subscribers can virtually test how many electric vehicles (EVs) would be needed in a city for a viable fleet business, it can help businesses to establish where best to set up depots, as well as evaluate service performance from a customers perspective. 

The wider impact of the proposed plans can also be quickly assessed, enabling authorities to make wiser decisions about how to support roll-out plans,

By providing easy access to advanced mobility simulation and analytics, Immense has said they hope the platform will enable ideas for future transport systems to become actionable opportunities, helping all stakeholders deliver the services their customers and cities need.

Immense co-founder and CEO, Robin North said: ‘We’re excited to be launching this next generation of capability onto our platform in response to increasing demands to adapt our transportation systems.

‘You no longer have to guess the impact of unprecedented situations in the world of transportation. We can go beyond backwards-facing analytics to generate alternative ‘tomorrows’ that consider emerging business models, technology, and behavioural change – taking away the risk of expensive assumptions and sunk costs.

‘We believe that 2020 will be the year that automotive manufacturers, fleet operators and policymakers will take the change in the status quo and collaborate to help make transportation better for everyone – across the globe’

Photo Credit – Pixabay 



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