Survey reveals confusion around the reliability of EVs

33% of Brits do not plan to switch to an electric vehicle (EV), according to a survey conducted by TLA, the market leader in matching new car buyers with car brands.

According to the survey, which involved 1,400 consumers, one third do not plan to make the switch in the next 10 years, and one in five will never make the switch. 

When asked what is preventing them from purchasing an electric vehicle, two thirds (66%) said the biggest barrier is the cost of EVs, followed by the lack of available public charge points (57%), and concerns over battery life (52%). 

silver key on black car

Those in younger age groups were found to be more open to buying electric cars, with 76% of those aged 20 – 34 planning to make the EV switch in the next five years, compared to just 39% of those over 50.

Anton Hanley, CEO at TLA, said: ‘When it comes to electric vehicles, we’re hearing a lot of confusion and misperceptions in the marketplace around EVs, particularly with regards to battery life and how environmentally friendly EVs are compared to other cars.

‘We’re also hearing a lot of legitimate concerns around the lack of available, free charging points, and how affordable EVs are to the general population. 

‘If the government is to meet its 2030 lower emission target, there needs to be an education drive around EVs to dispel myths about these models and explain why the switch to electric from petrol or diesel is so important.

‘Swift action to encourage more people to make the change is also necessary, and rather than downgrading financial incentives, the government should be increasing these if it wants to meet its target, and ensuring that more EVs coming on to the market are affordable. We also need to see a higher number of free charging points being installed, particularly in areas outside of major city centres.’

Photo by Ivan Shemereko


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Hedley Gardner
Hedley Gardner
2 years ago

Ev’s are great for urban every day use just drive around and plug in overnight.or just plug in to pot point all over the country

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