Ad: SUEZ’s Air and Climate Team is now operational in the UK

SUEZ’s Air & Climate division is now established in the UK and its team of air quality specialists are set to deliver the SUEZ developed AirAdvanced® portfolio of air quality consultancy services and innovative solutions that align and tackle the three agendas of air quality (Public Health, Climate Change and Odour).  

The Division and its AirAdvanced® portfolio provides an end-to-end service that can be applied to all aspects of the air quality value chain, accommodating the needs of each client within different sectorial remits. Here, the division is equipped to perform air quality consultancy services, deliver monitoring and diagnostic programmes, design and implement remediation solutions, and undertake air quality reviews.  

The service’s modular characteristic and strong innovative presence is positioned to tackle the most prevalent and existing air quality concerns, as well as adapt to any future air quality topics/ priorities in the UK. 

Here are some key projects/ services deployed by the Division that aligns with the UK’s Air Quality agenda. 

Public Health- Eliminating Particulate Matter (PM2.5 & PM10) and Promoting Sustainable Transport 

SUEZ’s Air Quality Consultants are well accustomed to monitoring and modelling transportation emissions. In the city of Paris, a project titled AIRCITY, a daily 3D air dispersion simulation model encapsulating an area 12x10km. was created. The project has made it possible to estimate citizen exposure to traffic derived pollutants on a high resolution basis.  

In 2019 SUEZ’s innovative AirAdvanced-HypR® solution was executed in conjunction with the RATP (Public Transport in Paris) to improve localised air quality and reduce risk to public health. At the underground Alexandre Dumas Metro station SUEZ implemented their AirAdvanced-HypR® solution. Here, two mechanically ventilated units using positive ionisation technology reduced and improved localised levels of particulate matter. Supported by monitoring campaigns the integrated solutions reduced PM2.5 & PM10 as much as 30%,  improving the well-being and health of exposed employees and passengers to fine particulate pollution. 

Climate Change– Addressing Carbon Net Zero  

SUEZ’s AirAdvanced® SCAN360 service has been utilised by a number of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) generating sectors to reduce their GHG footprint and subsequently minimise impact to the natural environment. The AirAdvanced® SCAN360 has been utilised effectively by many major companies operating waste-to-energy plants, wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) and waste treatment sites to realign their Net Zero Carbon agendas and improve site efficiency. The service is delivered on an individual site basis, whereby it ensures detailed mapping and modelling of channelled and fugitive GHG concentrations (CH4, CO2 & N2O),  develops a coherent strategy report to reduce a site’s GHG output and reviews any integrated solutions. The use of the AirAdvanced® SCAN360 has seen improvements for selected GHG concentrations up to 65% which in turn has led to significant improvements for site performance.  

Odour- Monitoring and Reducing the Impact of Odorous Emissions 

SUEZ’s air quality consultants and partners have successfully delivered and developed a comprehensive odour monitoring and solutions integrator service. Working within both public and private industries SUEZ has performed odour mapping/ diagnostic studies AirAdvanced®-Explore 360, delivered innovative remediation solutions with a proven concept to improve odour Air-Advanced®-ActiLayer/ Air-Advanced®-Biofiltres, as well as design and integrate digital platforms that simplifies industries’ approach to investigating and managing odour AirAdvanced®-Vision 360.    


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