Bosch claims to have ‘solved’ diesel NOx emissions

Engineering firm Bosch has claimed to have developed a system to ‘dramatically’ reduce the nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions in diesel engines, without the need to fit additional components to the vehicles.

The company claims that through a combination of advanced fuel-injection technology, a newly developed air management system and ‘intelligent’ temperature management, the company can achieve NOx emissions that fall below legal limits.

Bosch claims that it has achieved significant reduction in NOx emissions from diesel cars

Announcing the development at a press conference in Stuttgart, Germany, yesterday (25 April) the company claimed that this system can achieve low NOx emissions in all driving conditions and temperatures, on open roads or in congested city traffic.

In a statement, the company said: “To date, two factors have hindered the reduction of NOx emissions in diesel vehicles. The first of these is driving style. The technological solution developed by Bosch is a highly responsive air-flow management system for the engine.

“A dynamic driving style demands an equally dynamic recirculation of exhaust gases. This can be achieved with the use of a RDE-optimized turbocharger that reacts more quickly than conventional turbochargers. “


The company adds that the influence of temperature is ‘equally important’ in reducing NOx emissions, stating: “To ensure optimum NOx conversion, the exhaust gases must be hotter than 200 degrees Celsius. In urban driving, vehicles frequently fail to reach this temperature.

“Bosch has therefore opted for a sophisticated thermal management system for the diesel engine. This actively regulates the exhaust-gas temperature, thereby ensuring that the exhaust system stays hot enough to function within a stable temperature range and that emissions remain at a low level.”

Speaking at the company’s press conference Bosch chief executive Volkmar Denner, said: “There’s a future for diesel. Today, we want to put a stop, once and for all, to the debate about the demise of diesel technology.

“Bosch is pushing the boundaries of what is technically feasible. Equipped with the latest Bosch technology, diesel vehicles will be classed as low-emission vehicles and yet remain affordable.

“Diesel will remain an option in urban traffic, whether drivers are tradespeople or commuters.”

High emissions of NOx from diesel cars, and the failure of some car manufacturers to meet legal limits for emissions of the gases have been linked in recent years to illegal levels of air pollution in towns and cities across the EU.

Scrutiny on diesel emissions, and potential charges and restrictions for polluting vehicles has had an impact on sales of new diesel vehicles, with data from the UK car industry suggesting that consumers are increasingly favouring new petrol and alternatively fuelled cars.

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