Charge Fairy EV brings charge points to locations without access

Looking to eliminate one of the most significant obstacles stopping people ditching old petrol or diesel motors for electric alternatives, one UK company is powering change. 

London-based electric vehicle (EV) specialist Charge Fairy is offering the British public a unique workaround that can help answer one of the biggest questions facing prospective low emissions road users – how to switch off combustion engines when you don’t have reliable access to charge points to power the alternative. 

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The system is relatively simple to use, albeit moving parts are comparatively complex. Set up an account with the firm by downloading a standalone app, and connect this with your vehicle manufacturer account. This allows Charge Fairy to monitor both mileage and battery charge in real time, in turn helping the network predict when and where you’re likely to need a recharge. In due course, a team will be dispatched to your location to conduct an overnight charge when it’s necessary. 

Packages start at £5.99 per week for around 30miles, or 10kWh and all associated services, with additional electricity charged at 49p per kWh, up to 50kWh. That can get drivers between 150 and 200miles on full battery, depending on vehicle make and model, speed and environment. 

An innovative business model, it should be welcome news to many who have been looking to switch to EVs but lack access to necessary infrastructure – something currently plaguing the UK sector. In AugustAir Quality News reported on how local authorities are falling behind on charger installations, and shared a new machine learning ‘hack’ that can boost battery life and charge times. Meanwhile, in March the government committed to a tenfold increase in chargepoints by 2030.




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1 year ago

Electric cars are now more expensive to run in the UK than a petrol or diesel. Also the charging infrastructure in the UK is dire. No fiscal incentives for purchase and installation of household charging. Difficult to get an cheap night-time tariff to charge. Not going well is it? I own an electric bicycle and motorcycle and driven a Tesla in the USA so have some experience of EV..

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