Net Zero Power can connect businesses directly to clean energy

As organisations across the UK prepare for a steep hike in fuel costs from April 2023, with government support set to end for most sectors, Balance Power – a  specialist in solar, battery storage, and peaking tech – has launched a new firm offering effective support in reducing emissions and bills. 

Net Zero Power’s position is deceptively simple. As the latest name in the growing Balance Power portfolio, it helps businesses access affordable energy, in turn reducing type 2 emissions and air pollution, by installing on-site power generation, or feeding low-carbon sourced energy directly to their location. 

The best solutions for a company’s specific needs are assessed first, with rooftop solar, ground-mounted solar, battery storage and green hydrogen all available. Costs for developing these at the office, factory, or other pace of business are then calculated, and efforts to make the transition a reality get underway once an agreement is in place

Those who do not have the capacity for an on-site solution can also take advantage of the scheme, with Net Zero Power liaising with landowners in locations close to high-energy consuming businesses with a view to them agreeing to host clean energy projects.

The result is increased low and zero emission power for UK businesses and a new revenue stream for those offering to have sources built on their properties, while emissions and harmful air pollution fall, along with outgoings on energy bills. The launch is tied to parent company Balance Power’s new partnership with TagEnergy, which has committed to creating 400MW of energy projects across the UK via £300m investment in the next four years.

‘For years we have been developing projects that have made a meaningful impact on providing low-cost energy to the grid and decarbonising energy supplies. However, once this power is in the grid many additional charges are passed to businesses,’ said Phil Thompson, CEO at Balance Power and Net Zero Power.

‘It has long been our goal that the energy we generate can be consumed directly by local businesses, thus significantly reducing costs. As businesses come under increasing pressure to reach net zero and strive for ways to create a competitive edge, we can now help them reach their goals while continuing to work with landowners, communities and local authorities to fundamentally shift how the UK produces and uses power,’ he continued.

In other news from Britain’s low and zero carbon energy sector, the world’s largest tidal turbine blades are currently being developed in Scotland. Find out more here.

Image: Net Zero Power


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