New app to encourage shared EV charging

Co Charger has launched a new platform enabling electric vehicle (EV) owners to share their at-home charging stations with neighbours. 

Access to EV charge points still remains to be one of the biggest barriers preventing EV uptake and with around 40% of the population living in flats or terraced housing without space to install an at-home charge-point, for many prospective EV owners charging their vehicle is a major concern. 

To date, the solution to this has been to dramatically increase the number of public charging points. 

However, installing them can be a lengthy and costly process. Therefore, Co Charger has created a new app enabling those who do have a charger, whether that is motorists, businesses or community buildings, to share their charger with neighbours who don’t. 

The app will enable hosts to manage bookings and set the price they would like to charge for the service. 

Co Charger is currently working with organisations, businesses, councils and car-manufacturers to raise awareness of the community charging initiative in a bid to accelerate EV uptake. 

Joel Teague, CEO of Co Charger said: ‘It’s a simple, community-based solution to the biggest barrier facing the adoption of electric vehicles.

‘Millions of people want to ditch their fossil fuel vehicles in favour of electric ones but won’t until they have the convenience, affordability and reliability of home charging.

‘Co Charger gives those people the confidence to switch by making it easy for a neighbour with a charger to make it available to them — cheaply and dependably.

‘The biggest cost of charging a car is the charger itself. The beauty of Co Charger is that by making more use of existing chargers it gives the advantages of charging whilst at home to everyone — right now. The chargee gets their electric car and the host’s charger earns its keep. Everyone wins.’

Photo Credit – Pixabay 


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2 years ago

A greated invention of all the time EV chargers. I am using Co charger

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