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The fourth issue of the Air Quality News Procurement Guide is now available to read on our website. In these guides we aim to provide local authorities with effective tools to address the multiple issues inherent in tackling air pollution.

Whether it is developing an EV charging infrastructure, installing air monitoring systems or involving the public in productive dialogue, there are multiple mechanisms to fit different approaches and we try to present a broad array of them, both on our website and in this guide.

Paul Day talks to Mish Tullar, Director of Corporate Services at Oxford City Council’s about their unique procurement platform for EV Infrastructure. The Oxford City Council Electric Vehicle Dynamic Purchasing System is a free resource designed to enable the public sector to side-step some of the problems they might otherwise encounter in building an effective EV infrastructure.

We have a joint contribution from workspace provider Argyll and engineering giants Ramboll, who ask why we are continuing to neglect retrofitting efforts? They question the tendency to laud new builds for their sustainability when around 80% of the buildings we anticipate will exist in 2050 are already standing.

Zung Nguyen Vu from TMXimpact says It is time for a shift in the way local councils and communities are involved in environmental action. She points out that while convening experts and developing green technologies on a national level has been vital to developing the UK’s environmental agenda, it is now time to focus on implementation on a local level. This will require a redesign of the UK’s grant structure, a focus on scaling green technologies such as EV and energy, as well as people-driven climate action.

A trio of contributors from WM-AIR at the University of Birmingham discuss the practicalities of using a low cost sensor network. Are they the right tool for you?

In turn, a team from Manchester University offer three tips to ensure you are monitoring air quality effectively.

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