The Zehnder ComfoAir Flex – improved air quality in tight living spaces

Indoor climate solutions manufacturer, Zehnder Group UK, has unveiled the Zehnder ComfoAir Flex – the latest energy efficient mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery (MVHR) specifically designed for tight spaces and challenging installation environments.

Small in size and narrow enough to be ceiling mounted, the ComfoAir Flex is a compact solution for improving indoor air quality in urban apartments, small houses and student accommodation, where space is at a premium.

Despite its compact size, the ComfoAir Flex boasts a heat recovery efficiency rate of 96%, ensuring minimal heat loss and contributing to substantial energy savings. The new system also performs to current and future EPB requirements at energy class A+. As a result, it reduces demand on heating systems and contributes to lower CO2 emissions.

What makes the ComfoAir Flex most adaptable to a wide scope of buildings, however, is an innovative feature for an MVHR. Working alongside the system’s ceiling-mounted design are four, 45 degree turnable bends for versatile duct installation. Each air connection can be individually turned to connect to a duct inline with the unit or rotated 90 degrees. This allows flexibility for building developers to design projects however they want with less restrictions.

Stuart Smith, Commercial Director at Zehnder Group UK says: ‘The ComfoAir Flex brings a potential revolution to the UK construction industry. Its unique attributes could significantly alter the industry’s approach to environmental sustainability and occupant comfort, addressing the critical need for energy-efficient, space-conscious buildings in the urban landscape.

‘This new system exemplifies our commitment to the Passive House standard – a rigorous, voluntary standard for energy efficiency in building design – reducing its ecological footprint. With its high heat recovery efficiency, that adheres to these principles, it will ensure a significant reduction in energy consumption, thereby lowering CO2 emissions.

‘The introduction of the ComfoAir Flex into the European market was met with enthusiasm, and we anticipate similar success in the UK. The product has been appreciated for its energy efficiency, health benefits, user-friendliness, and adaptability in various installation scenarios. It’s going to be a game-changer in providing better indoor air quality for smaller living spaces.’

However, the ComfoAir Flex is more than just an energy-efficient solution. It also champions superior indoor air quality, a crucial element for the health and well-being of building occupants. Its upgradable high-grade filters and 100% full and filtered modulating summer bypass maintain a continuous flow of fresh, filtered air, significantly enhancing occupant comfort and health.

Adding to these benefits, the ComfoAir Flex provides an impressive level of flexibility and convenience. Its software allows for left or right-hand configuration, adding an element of adaptability to its installation. Furthermore, its Wi-Fi enabled app control as standard gives users complete control over their indoor climate, contributing to an enhanced user experience.

The ComfoAir Flex unit is available in two versions:

• Zehnder ComfoAir Flex 250 – for properties up to 200m2
• Zehnder ComfoAir Flex 350 – for properties up to 250m2

The system can also be integrated into Smart Home via KNX and ventilate on demand thanks to the CO 2 sensor.


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