India’s government denies ‘linear relationship’ between air pollution and mortality

Policymakers in New Delhi have hit back at numerous studies suggesting poor air in the country is leading to preventable deaths. 

India’s Union Minister of State for Environment, Ashwini Kumar Choubey, has made a public statement suggesting there is no provable ‘linear relationship’ between air pollution and mortality, citing a lack of conclusive data with which to establish any direct correlation. 

The message formed part of a response to questions about a succession of damning reports on the country’s air quality problem. The recent Air Quality Life Index [AQLI) by the University of Chicago suggested life expectancy is being cut short for up to 40% of the overall population. Meanwhile, research published in The Lancet Planetary Health estimated around 1.7m lives are being lost in India each year due to toxic air.

‘The government is aware of such studies. However, there is no linear relationship between air pollution and life expectancy as assumed in the AQLI [Air Quality Life Index] as reported in the annual update report by The Energy Policy Institute, University of Chicago,’ Choubey told the Lok Sabha, the lower house of India’s Parliament.

This year has been particularly difficult for India’s air quality. Spring saw sustained high temperatures, including the hottest April on record, helping to speed up the process in which surface-level ozone forms. A succession of major wildfires in the country also significantly contributed to emissions, including Carbon Dioxide and Nitrous Oxide.

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John B Harries-Coulman
John B Harries-Coulman
1 year ago

It has been Scientifically proved. That all gas fuels are very low in carbon content. By the Atlantic Consulting Committee. Gattikon. Switzerland.
And are classed as Non Global Warming. Approx 75 %. Less carbon emission. Soch, that cooking fuels and transport fuels for LPG Driven vehicles. Greatly reduces your Emissions. But coal and timber is very bad for air quality. Plus the burning agricultural and funeral pyres are increasing air pollution.
Small particles are easily carried downwind and can travel hundreds of miles easily. Such practises should be limited. Even stopped for the sake of your children’s health.

Mark G Cooper
Mark G Cooper
1 year ago

I can prove with clinical studies that the Lack of Air Emission Standards in India, is causing a decress in Oxygen in the Atmosphere. India is in denial about it’s pollution. It is typical that the government, without a solution, is denying that a Pollution problem will lead to more Lung related deaths. What a complete joke, India, you and your government are Liers. The whole world of Science can prove the link between Air pollution and Lung related cancers and other diseases. India, pull your Head out of your Arse.

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