Air Quality News and Dyson webinar: ‘The future of indoor air pollution and purification in the UK’

On December the 8th, Air Quality News is partnering with Dyson to bring you a special webinar, looking at ‘The future of indoor air pollution and purification in the UK’

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Outdoor air quality has rapidly become a key environmental concern for very good reasons, but our understanding of indoor air pollution is still playing catch up – despite indoor air being up to five times worse than the air outdoors.  But what is the reality of indoor air pollution in the UK and the solutions to it?

In this webinar from Air Quality News, independent energy consultant and host of the AQN podcast, Stephen Cirell, Dyson’s Frédéric Nicolas and Frank Kelly of the Scientific Advisory Board delve into the UK’s outlook on an issue that’s rapidly going global, and state why it’s not all doom and gloom. 

‘The future of indoor air pollution and purification in the UK’ will see the experts provide much-needed clarity on the here and now of this problem, the future solutions in development, and the role air quality measurement will play in enlightening an issue that’s gone undetected.

 As a Senior Manager in the Environmental Care category, Frédéric is a strong advocate of the use of air quality data to educate people on the importance of air quality, backed by science. He led on Dyson’s first air quality backpack project, the Breathe London Wearables Study, to increase awareness of the daily air pollution school children can be exposed to, and to stimulate positive behaviour change to reduce exposure. He was also involved in Dyson’s first ever clinical trial to measure the effect of Dyson air purifiers in improving asthma control. 

Frédéric has also worn other hats in Dyson. He was previously Head of Research, where he was accountable for the delivery of embedded technologies in our Environmental Care and Professional categories. Another role was as a Senior Fluid Dynamics Engineer, where he came up with the initial demonstration of the Air MultiplierTM technology leading to the now iconic design. 

Professor Frank Kelly holds the Humphrey Battcock Chair in Community Health and Policy at Imperial College London, where he is Director of the Environmental Research Group, Director of the NIHR Health Protection Research Unit on Environment and Health and Deputy Director of the MRC-PHE Centre for Environment & Health.  

Prof Kelly leads a substantial research activity which spans all aspects of air pollution research from toxicology to science policy. He has led studies of the urban airshed within London including the impact of the introduction of London’s Congestion Charging Zone and Low Emission Zone. He is past Chairman of the British Association for Lung Research and COMEAP, the UK’s Department of Health & Social Care Expert Committee on the Medical Effects of Air Pollutants. He provides policy support to the WHO on air pollution issues and he is a member of the US Health Effects Institute Review Committee.


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