BYD launches ‘Titan Effect’ indoor air quality solution

Essex-based BYD Solutions Ltd has launched a solution to clean air in indoor environments, which it is claimed can tackle Volatile Organic Compounds and other pollutants.

The system, which involves the use of a Titanium Dioxide coating applied to interior surfaces, works through a process of Photocatalysis which, it is claimed, “decomposes” air pollutants when the coating reacts with natural light.

BYD’s Titan Effect solution is applied directly to surfaces

The product, which is known as Titan Effect, lasts up to ten years without the need for maintenance, according to BYD.


BYD director Lee Bywater, said: “This unique process is such a simple and affordable way of cleaning internal air. It can be available not only for offices but private homes, restaurants, public transport basically anywhere that requires the need for cleaner, fresher air.

“External air pollution is a massive thing issue at the moment. Everyone is talking about it and there are many organisations looking to reduce external air pollution.

“We just need to be aware that internal air pollution is also a huge problem and in some cases can be just as bad as the outside air. Companies need to provide safe fresh air for their employees and of course customers.

“Our system requires absolutely no building alteration, the application can be carried out at times when businesses are closed so causing no disruption and once completed will require no additional maintenance, what could be simpler?”

Photocatalysis from Titanium Dioxide takes place when the substance absorbs ultraviolet light, causing a chemical reaction which creates an oxidation agent which can break down organic compounds.

Other applications of the process include anti-bacterial coatings for surfaces.


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