Nuaire launches ‘Noxmaster’ for home retrofit market

Ventilation specialist Nuaire has launched the Noxmaster ‘whole-house ventilation system’ for the retrofit market, which it is claimed can remove up to 99.5% of nitrogen dioxide particles from inside homes. 

According to the Caerphilly-based company, the Noxmaster combines a powerful carbon filter with ‘Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)’ which works by gently introducing fresh, filtered air into a dwelling replacing old, contaminated moisture laden air.

Nuaire’s Noxmaster unit

According to Nuaire, until now, using carbon filters to scrub airborne pollutants from indoor air has only been used with mechanical ventilation systems which are ducted from each room in a new build properties.

Retrofitting these systems into existing dwellings is both difficult and highly intrusive, the company says, but the Noxmaster means that any urban home with a loft can have a carbon filter ventilation system installed.

The carbon filter also removes other harmful gases produced by traffic emissions, including sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Nuaire is currently running tests of the Noxmaster at Hafodyrynys, Caerphilly — one of the most polluted streets in Wales.


A controlled test house has been carried out for a number of months to monitor the pollution levels at the roadside, the pollution levels in a typical property, and the NOX levels with the Noxmaster installed. Test results are likely to be available in early August.

Nuaire Product Development Manager, Richard Jenkins, said: “Removing gases and particulates from the indoor air is a complex process which requires mechanical ventilation to filter the air throughout the property simultaneously.

“Air purifiers can only treat the air in one room, and their effectiveness depends on the room’s exact size, the proximity to the source of incoming pollution, and how the air purifier is operated. In short, you would need a purifier for every room in the home, and that would still be far less effective than providing a single source of filtered air via a mechanical system, as the Noxmaster does.”

According to Nuaire, Noxmaster is the first time a retrofitable whole-house ventilation system has addressed air quality with carbon filtration.

The company’s business operations director, Andy Mudie, said: “Noxmaster is about giving homeowners and tenants living near busy roads the peace of mind that by installing a system in their loftspace, their long-term health will be safeguarded. For social housing providers, the Noxmaster means that tenants living within Air Quality Management Areas can now live comfortably in their homes, benefiting from clean, safe air during the average 16 hours each day that is spent at home.”

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