Technology news round-up (09/10/2017)

Includes: Nursery installs clean air system; Kickstarter campaign launched for Baby Brizi, and; Tantalum gets cash injection.

Islington nursery invests in clean air system

 Hopes and Dreams Nursery School in Islington, is seeking to limit the exposure of its children to air pollutants, after installing an air filtration system developed by UK firm Radic8.

The clean air system installed at Hopes and Dreams Nursery, Islington

According to the manufacturer, which specialises in indoor air technology, the Radic8 system is 99.5% efficient at removing NO2 from the air — in addition to filtration, the system uses patented processes to sterilise air.

This means that it removes indoor pollutants and stops the spread of viruses and bacteria to keep the children safe and healthy even during the cold and flu season, the manufacturer claims.

Susan Bingham, owner of Hopes and Dreams Nursery, said: “Our duty of care meant that we had to find an immediate solution to the air quality problems in London, rather than waiting for new targets or regulations to come in.

“We subsequently identified that the system presented by Radic8 was a perfect solution, especially since it will help stop the spread of germs and viruses as well as helping our children and staff who suffer with asthma. We’re looking forward to introducing our children and parents to the Clean Air Fairies to help them understand the importance of clean air.

“We wanted to do our part to help children and parents make better decisions for the air and world around them, which is why we are using this as an opportunity to introduce them to living a cleaner and healthier lifestyle too.”

Start-up seeks funding for ‘Brizi Baby’ filter

London start-up, Brizi, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to seek £105,000 investment to produce a portable air sensor and filter, designed for young children.

The Brizi Baby circulates clean air around a child’s carry case or buggy, the manufacturer claims

The company, which has also recently become a member of the Environmental Industries Commission, has designed a high-function active fan filter which can be used in a pram or carry-case, and works in conjunction with an air quality sensor and smartphone app.

When gas and particulate levels in the air reach dangerous levels, the fan filter is triggered. ‘Brizi Baby’s’ dual fan filter delivers 1.5 litres of clean filtered air every 10 seconds, forming a ‘clean air barrier’ in the child’s breathing area, reducing their exposure to the airborne pollutants, the company claims.

Brizi Baby’s patented innovative filter incorporates a carbon layer to filter harmful gases and a medical grade nano-metric woven fabric layer to intercept particulates. The pollution mapping and filter technology is patented in the UK.

Since launching the kickstarter campaign in September, the company has been pledged £23,000 from more than 110 backers.

Tantalum secures cash injection

Tantalum Corporation, which is developing a real-time NOx emission estimation technology, Air.Car, has secured over £2.5 million in private investment from equity investment firm Disruptive Capital.

The investment will augment the £1.4m grant from the UK government to trial Tantalum’s innovative Air.Car system across London and other UK cities.

According to Tantalum, using IoT and Smart City technology, Air.Car will deliver the ability to drive a greater understanding of vehicle pollution, while enabling the reduction of environmental impact and vehicle operation costs.

The company has also recently announced an expansion within the United States, adding an office in Menlo Park, Silicon Valley to complement its existing operations in Atlanta and London.

Speaking of the new office opening and investment, Ozgur Tohumcu, chief executive of Tantalum Corporation said: “This expansion puts Tantalum at the forefront of the burgeoning connected car market, positioning us at the heart of conversations around technology innovation and industry direction. Disruptive Capital is a great partner who supports our vision to transform the automotive experience, bringing the benefits of advanced driver insights to the vast majority of drivers around the world.”

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