Podcast: Dyson on the importance of indoor air quality

A special episode of the Air Quality News podcast is now live, in partnership with Dyson.

Air Quality News‘ Chloe Coules sat down with Matt Jennings, Category Director of Environmental Care at Dyson, to discuss the importance of indoor air quality and dispel some common myths about the air in our homes and workplaces.

Jennings joined Dyson as a design engineer in 2013, where he worked on the first range of air purifiers the company produced. He then took over as the product lead for Dyson Zone air-purifying headphones.

As Category Director for Environmental Care at Dyson, the research and development function responsible for air purifiers, cooling fans, heaters, and humidifiers, Jennings is responsible for the future of Dyson’s homes and business indoor air purification solutions, furthering the firm’s involvement in air quality research and supporting air quality education.

This podcast explores why it is important to differentiate between indoor and outdoor air quality, and why indoor air quality often does not get as much attention as its counterpart. Jennings also explains how people can find out what air pollutants are present in their homes & workplaces, and discusses whether modern-day air purifiers are effective at dealing with indoor air pollution.

‘It’s really important for people to continue to grow awareness of indoor air quality because it can be so damaging to our health,’ Jennings says.

You can listen to this special podcast here;


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