320 European cities now have active Low Emission Zones

Across the continent support for schemes to reduce congestion and improve air quality is rapidly increasing, with hundreds of locations preparing to introduce initiatives by 2025. 

There are now 320 cities in Europe with active Low Emission Zones (LEZs), marking a 40% increase since 2019. The number is set to rise to 507 within the next three years. 

The UK is among the countries with the highest number of LEZs currently in operation, with 17 locations already operating such schemes. However, that figure is dwarfed by Germany, where 78 areas are signed up, and Italy, which boasts no less than 172. 

That league table is set to change dramatically by 2025, though. France is increasing its number of LEZs from eight to 42 during that time, while the most activations are set to happen in Spain, which will build on the three Zones currently in use to 149. 

The figures were published in a new Clean Cities Campaign report, The Development Trends of Low and Zero Emission Zones in Europe, which recommends that all cities should be introducing LEZs and beginning to plan for Zero Emission Zones (ZEZs) by the end of the decade. The publication also cites increasingly strict requirements for established LEZs, and the first wave of partial zero emission areas, ZEZs, which are now on the horizon. By 2030, these will be in place in Amsterdam, Helmond, Eindhoven, Bergen, Central London, Greater Paris, Copenhagen, and Oslo, among other places. Oxford was the first to be introduced in the UK, going live earlier this year

Image credit: Pexels


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Alex West
Alex West
4 months ago

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