Ad: The new compact air quality station for hyperlocal monitoring

The Kunak portfolio is growing. They are constantly researching new products and technologies to make air quality monitoring easier.

Monitoring environmental pollutants is not an easy task but there are different solutions on the market trying to meet this need. Competition is fierce and it is difficult to find a solution affordable, easy to maintain, robust in design and, above all, reliable.

But Kunak have listened to you; they are aware of your needs so they have designed a solution that brings air quality control to where it is most needed.

We invite you to the virtual launch webinar of their new compact air quality monitoring station on the 9th June. A new product based on the same principles of Kunak AIR Pro but in a reduced size.

In this webinar, they will introduce the ultimate solution that will enable professionals to succeed in their environmental and air quality projects.

Register now!

Only those environmental professionals who understand the market changes and are committed to innovation will be able to anticipate the market needs by having the most advanced tools at their disposal.

Don’t miss the online presentation of the new air quality monitoring station, the best market fit air quality solution.

Be the first to find out the new solution from the creators of the most accurate air quality station on the market.


June 9th @ 1PM CST Register now!


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2 years ago

What does hyperlocal mean? Could this equipment tell me, a member of the public, about my neighbour’s wood burning? Such smoke is unhealthy as well as obnoxious but apparently it still legal to pollute a whole street like this. Would a high reading be sufficient to call in the local council and ask for action? Does this ‘monitoring station’ measure fine particulate pollution, as from stoves and fires, or only traffic exhaust?

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