Advertorial: Newport City Council chose Zephyr air quality sensors to monitor pollution levels at several hotspots within the town.

Like many reasonably large towns, Newport has its share of air quality issues. Being situated partially within the confines of the M4 and other main arterial routes from Southwest Wales to England, it is an unavoidable thoroughfare for heavy traffic.

With several air quality management areas (AQMAs) in place, the council are working hard to identify measures which will bring areas experiencing breaches of the nitrogen dioxide annual air quality objective closer to compliance.

The aim

The council have identified 6 locations that regularly exceeded permitted levels within 6 of their AQMAs. Using data from the Zephyr sensors measuring NO2, O3, NO, PM10, PM2.5, and PM1, they can correlate times of day and activities with the pollution levels observed. Through observations of the graphical trends provided by the Zephyrs, the council are able to make informed decisions on how to bring the pollution curve down. Being very committed to driving change, AQ community groups have been formed that serve the 6 AQMAs in question. These are key to understanding people’s ideas and attitudes regarding air quality monitoring and measures. 

One of the locations being monitored is at a busy stretch of road near the Brynglas Tunnels. The tunnels serve to divert traffic travelling between Wales and England from having to pass directly through the centre of Newport. Originally designed to take a load of up to 30,000 vehicles a day, the tunnels have long since surpassed this figure.

Sensor choice

Having researched the Market, Newport chose the Zephyr over other sensors because they required a reliable solution.

Steve Manning, Senior Scientific Officer at the council remarks “Being totally committed to fully understanding the contributing factors to the pollution levels in the city meant we needed a suite of sensors we could really rely on; we felt the Zephyr offered that assurance. We know they are tested and calibrated against reference method technology in Derby where they are manufactured so this gave us confidence in their accuracy and reliability.”

Paul Norman, UK Sales Manager at ET, said: “Working alongside Earthsense to establish a reference station at the Zephyr® manufacturing site demonstrates innovative ways in which we can help provide trustworthy air quality data.

We’re not aware of any other small-form sensor that is performance tested prior to delivery against reference method analysers as standard.”

(picture right: Zephyr air quality sensor)  

Wider plan

The network of Zephyrs will form part of a wider plan of measures to cut pollution and contribute towards improving health and wellbeing in the wider Newport area.

To date, Enviro Technology supplied Zephyrs are now helping over 30 combined authorities monitor urban pollutants.

(picture above: Zephyr air quality sensor in Caerleon, Newport.)


For more information please contact:        01453 733200

About Enviro Technology Services

Enviro Technology Services plc is a world leader in the supply, installation and servicing of air quality and emissions monitoring equipment and systems.  Founded in 1983, it has been at the heart of the air monitoring industry for over almost four decades and is now active in 74 countries with a multimillion-pound turnover.

It has the UK’s largest network of field-based service engineers in the industry. The team service air monitoring equipment on some 400 sites across the UK and Ireland, and work on global installation projects. Its diverse client base includes UK and overseas government departments, half the UK’s local authorities, blue-chip industry and research institutes.



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