Birmingham charging CAZ consultation opens

Birmingham businesses and residents have been asked for their views on the city council’s proposal to introduce a ‘class D’ charging Clean Air Zone in the city, as part of a consultation which opened yesterday (4 July).

Birmingham city council is one of five authorities required by the government to take action to meet legal air quality limits in the shortest possible time with a requirement to introduce a Clean Air Zone by 2020.

Birmingham council is assessing the potential impact of a clean air zone on businesses

Proposals have been drawn up which would involve the introduction of a charging zone applying to the ‘most polluting vehicles, including buses, coaches, lorries, taxis and private hire vehicles, vans and private cars.

It is proposed that the Clean Air Zone should cover all roads within the A4540 Middleway ring road.


Under Birmingham’s plans, charges are likely to be levied on pre Euro 6 diesel and pre-Euro 4 petrol light vehicles, while heavy goods vehicles would be required to meet the Euro VI standard to avoid charges.

Writing on its website, the council stated: “Our population is growing, new buildings are going up, our rail and metro systems are getting bigger and faster and we have the Commonwealth Games to look forward to in 2022. All these things are great for the city and region. We want everyone to enjoy them, now and in the future. Improving air quality will mean more people, especially children, live healthier lives.

“We need cleaner air as soon as possible and have already started to make positive changes. The government expects Birmingham, and a number of other cities, to introduce a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) from January 2020. This doesn’t give us long, but it is still important that we follow the right steps and ask the right questions to ensure that we take the right actions and make the right changes.

“We have been gathering and analysing a lot of information so we know how bad our air pollution is and how it is likely to be improved by a CAZ. This consultation is an opportunity for us to tell you what we have found out so far, and for you to tell us what you think and how you will be affected by the CAZ.”

Other cities including Southampton and Leeds have also outlined their proposals for Clean Air Zones, while Nottingham is expected to announce its approach in the coming weeks.

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