Clean Air Zone signage outlined

Examples of how potential signage will look to designate the boundaries of Clean Air Zones have been revealed.

The images have been released in documents published by Leeds city council, which is among the local authorities with the most advanced proposals for a Clean Air Zone to date. The city’s Clean Air Zone is expected to come into effect in late 2019.

Examples of signs to be used in Clean Air Zones

According to the council, the government’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ) framework requires a minimum standard for setting up a CAZ, including to “have in place signs along major access routes to clearly delineate the zone”.

It adds: “A clear and uniformed sign is critical for those who may be entering a charging CAZ. To ensure a national standard, the design of the symbol and traffic sign was produced centrally by the Joint Air Quality Unit (JAQU), who worked closely on the development of the sign with the Department for Transport (DfT).”

Leeds claims that the signs will be used for all Clean Air Zones across the country to provide consistency for drivers travelling between CAZs. When in use, “Korfield Council” would be replaced with “Leeds City Council” in final signs, it says.


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