Croydon Council slams ULEZ amid cost-of-living crisis

London’s vehicle charging scheme, which has resulted in significant air quality gains, should not come at a cost to families and businesses, according to critics. 

Croydon Council has spoken out against the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), with current proposals set to see boundaries extended to cover almost all of Greater London (96%) by 2023. 

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Although the scheme, which is already the largest of its kind in Europe, has resulted in major improvements to air pollution levels in the UK capital, critics are concerned that asking more people to pay up to £12.50 per day to drive into, out of, and through the city during a rapidly worsening cost-of-living crisis is unfair. 

‘During a time when so many of our residents are feeling the squeeze from increasing cost of living, it is concerning that they are faced with the prospect of a £12.50 ULEZ charge for a trip to the shops,’ said Jason Perry, Mayor of Croydon

‘Croydon takes environmental matters seriously and we are firmly committed to improving London’s air quality, however, this should not come at a cost to families and business already struggling financially,’ he continued. ‘There are real opportunities to continue to improve our local transport infrastructure in the immediate term, focusing on our public transport and cycle routes, as well as supporting the uptake of greener vehicles.’

Just last week, Westminster City Council confirmed its support for the expansion of London’s ULEZ, highlighting differences in opinion between boroughs in the capital. 

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1 year ago

Would be good to point out the enormous disparity in local public transport options between present ULEZ and the outer zones where a car is needed unless you have hours to spend on A to B. Also pollution and traffic densities are generally much lower… with some bad exceptions.

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