Haringey consult on five-year Air Quality Action Plan

The London Borough of Haringey has begun a public consultation on its Air Quality Action Plan 2019-2024 (AQAP).

The draft AQAP has been produced as part of the London Local Air Quality Management System, a statutory process by which boroughs monitor, assess and take actions to tackle pollution.

The plan outlines the actions that will be taken to improve air quality in Haringey between 2019-2024, under the following seven broad topics:

  1. Monitoring and other core statutory duties
  2. Missions from developments and buildings
  3. Public health and awareness raising
  4. Delivery servicing and freight
  5. Borough fleet actions
  6. Localised solutions which seek to improve the environment of neighbourhoods through a combination of measures
  7. Leaner transport


A key part of the plan is reducing air pollution around the borough’s primary schools and the plan suggests trialling road closures around schools, implementing ‘walking zones’, enforcing idling near schools and encouraging schools to join the Transport for London (TfL) accredited travel planning programme STARS.

A recent King’s College London study gave backpacks fitted with air pollution monitors to pupils at a school in Haringey to see how exposed to air pollution they were on an average day.

The data from this study will allow King’s scientists to analyse at which point of their journey to school (or which part of their school day) children are exposed to the most pollution. They will also be able to compare the exposure of children who have similar journeys but take different routes and travel modes and then make recommendations of how children can reduce their exposure in future.

The closing date of the consultation is July 30 and Haringey has produced a questionnaire about the plan here.


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