Newham council to introduce parking permits for polluting vehicles

Newham Council has recommended a new set of parking proposals that are designed to encourage residents to switch to cleaner, more sustainable modes of transport.

Data from Public Health England revealed that Newham has the highest death rate attributable to air pollution in the whole of London.

In November 2019, the council declared a climate emergency and as a result, they have since published a 25-point action plan to address the carbon emissions and air pollution that is produced from vehicles. 

In order to incentivise the use of cleaner, electric vehicles, the council has announced plans to increase parking permit charges for multiple vehicles registered at the same address. 

The council will also readdress the whole residential permit system, the cost will now be based on five emission-based charging bands, with parking for electric vehicles being free.

The council estimates that the largest group of vehicles (almost 23,000) that are registered in the borough will be registered for a £60 permit fee. 

Cllr James Asser, cabinet member for the environment, highways and sustainable transport said: ‘Pollution from vehicles is a major contributor to the boroughs poor air quality and parking policies and procedures have the ability to influence the number and type of vehicles using our local roads.

‘The changes we are proposing are long overdue.

‘We are determined to pursue policies which will improve the health and ultimately save the lives o residents.’

‘A large proportion of the residents of the borough cannot afford to own cars. These proposed changes to parking policy aim to redress the balance of fairness, so that those who create the most pollution, pay towards the remedial measures we have to introduce to tackle poor air quality.’ 

In January this year, Newham was one of 200 London schools that have signed up to the City Hall scheme to protect pupils from toxic air.

The scheme involves clean air audits, carried out by engineering consultancy WSP, which assess the air quality before making recommendations to the school to improve air quality.

Photo Credit – Pixabay 


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Newham People Power
Newham People Power
3 years ago

Newham resident fighting this unfair parking tax introduced by the council. See website for more detail. twitter @newhampplpower

B. Alexander
B. Alexander
3 years ago

The big question is why are Newham only targeting residents with parking permits? I was unable to find an electric car that met my needs and budget so sold my perfectly good car and brought one that met the requirements of ULEZ. Then I’m told two months later that I’m going to be penalised for parking outside my home.

The ‘consultation’ consisted of responses from less than 200 people yet Newham says that it was thorough in sending out information. I only found out through a friend.

My neighbour has a very similar car to mine; engine size and emissions, but he will not be penalised as he parks his car on his drive and so doesn’t need a permit. Just a tad unfair don’t you think Newham? Although I agree there is a need for changes, this is more like a cash cow for the borough. It may be one of the most polluted boroughs in London but it is also one of the poorest and to expect residents to be able to afford to change their vehicles in the space of a few months is far from reasonable. It took me a year before I was able to afford to change my car and I work full time on a decent wage. Many others don’t. Not everyone is able to ride a bike or feels safe doing so for all manner of reasons, so for me it’s about finding a balance or at least treating everyone fairly, which in this case Newham doesn’t appear to be doing.

3 years ago
Reply to  B. Alexander

Totally agree with you parked cars do not add to air quality, what does is nearly stationery traffic on the A13,A13, and other jammed roads in the borough ,the A13 is solid in the morning and solid early evening, another big pollutta is bulls hit and there must be a large cloud of that above the town hall,may the mayor set an example and perform her duty on a push bike,doubt it.just another tax as you say another reason to wipe the little smile off our faces, and after paying your parking fee’s you cannot park within a quarter of a mile of your house.

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